Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ways to Enjoy Hotels Around the World

By Greg Pierce

Vacations to whether the sunniest islands in the Pacific or the unequalled scenic lodges beholding the Alps are much more ecstatic if you know exactly how to make the best out of every hotel stop. From online bookings to luncheon bills payments, you can make sure to love each step of the way so your vacation will remain so entirely and dodge away from disasters that can make you want to tear your spouse apart.

Whether you like it or not, you must be in control all the way. It may sound manipulative and a rather stressful one but not making the right choices beforehand can land you in the most stressful situations that may send your temper to the summit of Mt. Everest.
So, here are suggestions that may save you some worry days and make you kiss the talcum powder sands of Boracay Island on one blissful morning.

You must exactly know the hotels you are booking. It pays to read reviews from those who have had whether the best or worst experiences. Know by heart that not all hotels that have good reviews are the best ones nor those with pleasing reviews ready to welcome you with open arms. Thanks to the word idiosyncrasy. Some strokes work for some folks, some don't! So it should always be personalized right from the very start. Whichever that you feel can give you the most personalized service may give you a good start. Keep the ball rolling and go further. Studying early on rather than cramming on information and details of a vacation can save you anger and disappointment. Agree with me please, you don't want to go temper crashing in the middle of a Bahamas vacation!

If you are not sure, then don't! That's the safest way to prevent passing the buck in front of a hotel receptionist in Chicago or Milan. For vacationers, pleasant experience is all that remains of every buck that you shell out. With everything available online, you don't have an actual visual check of what you are booking, so put the expectation level to the minimum, unless it's the Burj Al Arab that you choose to book! If not then don't expect too much. It's a whole lot better if your expectation is surpassed by actual experience rather than the other way around.

Different countries have different cultures. What you do in New York may not be so in Bangkok so research about the place: their culture, pertinent information such as alternative transportation routes aside from hotel taxis, population statistics and others. Learn if there are exquisite ways to get to a holy site other than the subway. In Bangkok, the tuktuk is a famous transport for tourists but save your lungs if you cannot tolerate road dust and vehicle emission.

By all means, ask! Never pretend to know everything rather pretend to be smart even if your best friend tells you otherwise. It always pays to ask. The hotel concierge is always the best place to start. This is also one way to maximize the stellar price you pay them at check-out.
Upon check out, make sure you say what you want to say to the hotel staff, whether having the greatest or the worst time, albeit in the most pleasant way. At least so they would know what to improve or maintain. I'm sure the hotel manager would like that rather than right away posting over the web that you lost your top and blew steam with the chambermaid.

From start to finish, it is still your choice to make the most out of each day that you are out of your 23rd floor office, whether to have the greatest vacation or the worst one at that, despite all the odds that come your way.

When in Bali and looking for downtown hotels in Bali, follow your heart's desire of getting the best one for you and your loved ones. Of the many hotel in Bali you can surely find the one that suits your personal needs all the way.

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