Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Housekeeping Department

Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Housekeeper

The Executive Housekeeper reports to the General Manager, or the resident Manager, or the Room Division Manager. She is responsible and accountable for the hotel cleanliness and aesthetic upkeep of the hotel. She or He supervises all housekeeping employees, has the authority to hire or discharge subordinates, plans and assigns work assignments, inform new employees of property regulations, inspects completed assignments and requisition supplies.

Duties and Responsibilities :

·         Organize, supervise and coordinate the work of housekeeping personnel on a day-to-day operations.
·     Ensure excellence in housekeeping sanitation, safety, comfort and aesthetics for hotel guests.
·          Draw up duty rosters and supervise the discipline and conduct of her staff.
·        Assure proper communication within the department by conducting regular meeting with all personnel.
·     Hire new employees, warn employees when hotel policies are violated and discharge employees when necessary.
·         Counsel employees on various duties and work on work related issues.
·         Motivate the staff and keep their morale high.
·     Establish and maintain standard operating procedures for cleaning and to initiate new procedures to increase the efficiency of labor and product use.
·         Search constantly for and test new techniques and products.
·    Maintain an inventory of the furniture, linen, and movable equipment in the rooms and related premises and to ensure they are regularly checked.
·         Organize maintenance  and repair of guestrooms.
·         Deal with articles and a guest may have left behind in a room.
·         Ensure the provision of proper uniforms for the hotel staff.
·         Ensure observance of hygiene and safety precautions.
·         Offer suggestions to the human resources department concerning selection, recruitment, replacement, duty alterations, up gradation and so on.
·         Evaluate employees in order to upgrade them when openings arise.
·         Organize and supervise on-the-job and off-the-job training of staff.
·         Liaise between the maintenance and housekeeping departments.
·    Inspect and approve all supply requisitions for the housekeeping department, and to maintain par stock, inventory control and cost control procedures for all materials.
·         Check the reports filed and the registers maintained.
·         Maintain a time logbook for all employees within the department.
·         Be responsible for the redecoration and refurbishing of rooms, lobbies and so on.
·         Provide a budget to the management and undertake budget control and forecasting.


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