Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Executive Housekeeper

By Aldin Firdaus

The executive housekeeper is responsible for the upkeep of the guest rooms and public areas of the hotel property. This person truly must work through other people to get the job done. Each room attendant must be thoroughly trained in cleaning techniques. Each floor inspector, a person who supervise the housekeeping function on a floor of a hotel, and each housekeeping employee must be trained in standard inspection techniques. ( Many hotels are moving away from the use of floor supervisor and are implementing self-inspection systems ) Speed and efficiency are paramount in performing the vital service of maintaining guest rooms and public areas.

Skill in supervising unskilled labor is essential. Survival fluency in foreign language is important to the executive housekeeper, who must communicate effectively with employees. Accurate scheduling of employees is also necessary to maintain control over labor cost. The executive housekeeper is further responsible for maintain g and controlling an endless inventory of linens, soap, guest amenities, furniture, in-house marketing materials, live and artificial plants and more. The executive housekeeper, like the plant engineer, must stay abreast of new ideas and techniques through trade journals and continuing education courses.

The executive housekeeper supervises the in house laundry, if one is present. The equipment, cleaning materials, cost controls and scheduling are handled in cooperation with the laundry supervisor.

The limited-service property depend on this member of the management team to supervise the staff that provides clean room and operate an in house laundry. This hand-on supervisor works with the staff to provide many  behind the scene guest service. The housekeeper travels the elevator of high rise limited services properties, stopping at each floor to provide employee with constant supervision and motivation.

Interdepartmental cooperation and communication with the front office team and maintenance department are vital for the executive housekeeper in both full service and limited service hotels. The release of clean rooms for occupancy and the scheduling of periodic.